by Preston Brady III, 2023

Hidden off Broad Street on the bay is Arlington Park. I made a stop there today and walked along a pier where a few people were fishing, where as I approached him a man reeled in a baby croaker which he tossed back in. Near him, down in the water a baby alligator chilled in the watery grass.

In the distance stood the high rises of downtown Mobile.

Arlington Park has it’s own little boat launch

This whole area is buzzing with development, including the planned Brookley By the Bay park that promises a bay beach front, outdoor sports, walking and bike trails, and more. Since it’s Sunday the entry gate was closed but I hope to explore this development still in the early stages.

I checked out the Mobile Downtown Airport:

And my exploring was concluded in the nick of time because on the way home the sky opened up and dropped a trillion tons of water upon us, so much so even my brand new fancy fast acting windshield wipers had a very hard time doing their job. Overall, very impressive stuff going on down by the bay near the Mobile Aeroplex, downtown airport, and especially Brookley by the Bay, an example of realizing the natural resources gifted to Mobile Bay.

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